A New Look for Keshet

Dear Keshet friends, families and supporters,

To us, today feels like both a new beginning and a culmination of three years of change and development. Today, we’re officially unveiling new branding and messaging for Keshet. While the logo and tagline are new to us, they really just represent what we’ve always been… a community of dedicated people and families who have always been focused on growing our services and impact.

The process of rebranding Keshet began over three years ago. We brought together focus groups of parents and staff. We interviewed key stakeholders. We talked with competitor organizations. We spent a lot of time thinking and talking. Our goal was to create a Keshet brand that reflects who we are today. We wanted people to see who Keshet is and feel what we do. We wanted a brand that focuses on community.

Yet, at the same time, we didn’t want to lose sight of our rich history and past. For nearly 40 years, Keshet has remained true to who we are, our values, our mission and our Jewish heritage. We are a strong family that has been so special from the very beginning with a focus on belonging, inclusion and love.

Meet the welcoming, open arms of Keshet

Our new logo represents where we have been and where we are going. It projects a powerful sense of family, team, belonging and togetherness, the very things that drive Keshet forward. The logo includes a new approach to a rainbow of colors—that are uniquely ours—and represents our desire for diversity and approach to inclusion.

This wonderful, color group of characters says that we’re not just one individual alone, but we’re united together—because it takes so many of you—to help Keshet grow far into the future.

Our mission is forever growing

Forever growing says so much about Keshet. It reflects a core concept of Keshet that’s been present since the very beginning; we are an organization that continually grows alongside our participants and families. It’s also a powerful statement on our vision and plans for the future—to be an organization that develops and continually strengthens so that we can support our participants for their lifetimes.

Yet, most importantly, forever growing shares the mindset, goals and accomplishments of our participants. The people in our programs are not stagnant. They are dynamic, lifelong learners who adapt, change and continually grow to live their best lives.

Experience the brand in action

We want to extend a special thank you to all of you for being part of our extended Keshet family. Our new message to the world is just the next step in our strategic plans to offer more support and more choices to our participants, their families and our entire community.

From the start, Keshet has been built around the ideals that are important to all of us—that we know there’s a place where we all belong, that’s there’s meaning and purpose in our lives, and that we all have opportunities to live the very best lives we can.

These are the real reasons why Keshet must continue to grow…
…Expanding our programs and impact
…Expanding our capacity to bring reassurance to families and opportunities to our participants
…Expanding our critical mission of being there for individuals and their families from childhood through adulthood and beyond.

Like it says at the end of the video above. This is Keshet. Always there. Always built around family. And forever growing.

We encourage everyone to spend some time looking through our website, especially the page that shares Our Story, check out the pop up shop to get your new Keshet swag and enter the coloring contest. These new elements are just the beginning of telling the story of Keshet’s next chapter.

With so much gratitude,
Jennifer Phillips, President and CEO
Michelle Friedman, Incoming Board Chair

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