Why Keshet Wednesday #5 — Camp Kindness Day

Did you know today, July 19, is #CampKindnessDay? Founded by the American Camping Association, Camp Kindness Day highlights the practice of intentional kindness that happens every day at camp. At Keshet, we know that one small act of kindness can make a big impact on the lives of campers, staff, and the greater camp community.

From the moment our campers arrive at camp, we strive to ensure that they each feel welcome, supported and valued at camp. Kindness at camp can be easily seen in the smiles on our campers’ faces, the friendships they are building with their peers, and the sense of accomplishment they feel when given the opportunity to try something new. When kindness and inclusion are embraced, it will lead to the ultimate goal of belonging–the heart of Keshet’s mission.

Here are some quotes from Keshet campers and staff about what camp kindness means to them and looks like on a daily basis:

“Being kind at camp is treating people nice.”

“My camp friends are kind to me.”

“It means being kind to people who have been kind to you.”

“Asking if a friend is okay when they look sad.”

“It is kind when a camper asks me to swim with them.”

Reading these quotes and seeing photos of our happy campers are what Camp Kindness Day is all about. It is a testament to the community of belonging that is made possible by inclusive camping. What does camp kindness mean to you?

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