Forward 2023: Jake’s Bus

At day camp with Keshet, Jake is able to make a big impact in the most unexpected of ways.

Most campers usually say their favorite camp activity is swimming, sports or arts and crafts…but not Jake, an 8th grader who attends camp with Keshet support. Jake’s best part of his day is riding the bus to and from camp. Jake has always loved buses, but now he looks forward to it even more because of the relationship that he’s built with his own bus driver. Rhonda, the camp Assistant Director of Operations, takes time each day to go on a special walk with Jake so that he can say hi to his bus driver during the day. 

As part of the 8th grade pre-vocational program at camp, Jake and his friends spend part of their day doing jobs to gain skills and help out camp community. The group decided to put together bags full of treats to hand out to each of the camp bus drivers as a thank you for all they do. While all the campers loved this project, no one was more excited than Jake to hand the bag to his very own bus driver. These bus drivers and do such an important job every day, but rarely do they have the opportunity to get involved with what happens at camp. The “thank you” means even more to them because it came from campers.

Each of these acts of kindness create a ripple effect that has impacts campers, staff and the larger community. Like so much that happens at Keshet, these small acts add up to a BIG impact on people’s lives. You have the power to do this, too. When you give to Keshet’s summer campaign, you provide an environment for people like Jake to continue to pay it forward. Learn more about how to make this big impact happen at

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