Here For the Concert & A Lifetime

by Jennifer Phillips, Keshet CEO & President

I want to welcome our Keshet Family and those of you who are now part of our Keshet Family. I want to take a moment to share something really close to my heart and Keshet’s. I know that this is a very difficult time for our community, and many of us in this room, are struggling with the current events in Israel. I’m hoping tonight can be a chance for us to draw strength from our community and come together. In moments of uncertainty, our unity becomes our greatest source of strength. Together, we stand resilient, supporting one another, and standing united as we look towards the future.  

It is times like this we must all come together. And WOW look at all of you in this room. This is the first event we have had in many years that has brought together so many new people to celebrate with us. There’s no place like our Keshet community! It’s a feeling that you can’t to explain. It’s more than a group of programs and activities, it’s a community that is by your side and makes a difference in people’s lives every single day. We operate 365 days a year, 24/7. 

I am amazed daily by things that happen here. I want you to meet someone who calls herself the assistant to the assistant to the CEO. This is Lindsey. I can tell you how proud I am of Lindsey, but there is no one who should be prouder than her of what she has accomplished. Lindsey lives with 8 other roommates at Keshet’s MY Life residential homes. She also works in the Business Office where she works on special projects. This summer, she landed her dream job working in the office at Apachi Northside.

Lindsey and her friends are one of the many reasons we are here tonight. The programs that Keshet offers for adults are unmatched in our community. Whether it’s social programs, sports, arts, weekends away in Wisconsin, like the one happening right now, adult day services (GADOL), and 4 residential homes right here in Highland Park. And, very soon, our own permanent building for programming in Highland and Park.  

Our growth over the years has been nothing short of astounding. We’ve watched our programs flourish and participants thrive, and it’s amazing to see how our community has evolved. Our adult programs have grown with our participants, nurturing them into the incredible individuals they have become. We are more than just a support system; we are a family that helps each other reach new heights, overcome challenges, and chase our dreams.  

We must continue to think big and dream even bigger. Our mission extends far beyond the present moment, for we must ensure that Keshet continues to support and provide opportunity, not just for the present generation but for generations to come. It is each of you who ensures that the legacy of love, support, and inclusivity continues to flourish. As we gather here tonight, let us remember the strong community we are together. Let us stand hand in hand, as a united and unstoppable force, ready to support Keshet on its journey.

Thank you for being here tonight for Keshet. Let us be reminded that we are here together, not just for an evening but for a lifetime.  Let’s think big, continuing to grow and expand our community, so that Keshet remains a place we support people to live their best lives and foster a community of true belonging!  Because of your generous support and unwavering commitment, we can ensure that Keshet remains the ineradicable community we are, not just for today, but for all the tomorrows to come.  

So many people made tonight happen! Representative Bob Morgan, thank you for your ongoing support of Keshet. I want to thank the amazing concert committee and volunteers here tonight. To the development team Lauren, Hillary, and Lora, your hard work making tonight so incredible does not go unnoticed. And to our amazing Board thank you to all of you!

Thank you and let us continue to be the amazing Keshet family we are and create a community of belonging. Together, we will rise above every challenge and continue to make a difference in the lives of our remarkable Keshet family. Now let’s have a fun night as one community together.  

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