Home Sweet Home Highland Park

At the beginning of the year, GADOL, Keshet’s adult day program, relocated from Skokie to Highland Park. With friendly neighbors and easily accessible recreation, shopping, and transportation, Highland Park is proving to be the perfect community for our team members.

Over the past few months, we’ve been busy making Highland Park a welcoming and enriching community for Keshet’s adults, and Highland Park has embraced us right back. This is largely in part due to the Highland Park Community Foundation (HPCF), whose support and generosity have been instrumental in this transition. Here are just some of the ways we’ve created a home within Highland Park:

  1. New Partnerships and Opportunities

GADOL staff have worked to create new partnerships to provide volunteer and job opportunities for our adults in Highland Park and the surrounding areas. Some of these partnerships include Giggles Play, an indoor play space for children, the Highland Park Library, and Highland Park Community Early Learning Center. These collaborations are expanding daily, offering our participants meaningful and fulfilling experiences.

Two GADOL team members reading and acting out a story to young kids at Giggles
  1. Exploring All That HP Has to Offer

Highland Park’s rich array of parks, restaurants, forest preserves, and shops offers endless opportunities—and tons of fun! Team members frequently enjoy walks at Fort Sheridan, play basketball or work out in Sunset Park, conveniently located directly behind our building, and take part in a photography group along Lake Michigan, among other activities. These activities foster a strong sense of belonging and better familiarize team members with the area.

Group of team members standing in front of Lake Michigan
  1. Creating a Welcoming Space On-Site at GADOL

One of our biggest highlights has been making our new space feel welcoming. A significant project has been the development of a GADOL garden that lines the entire perimeter of our building. Team members have planted a variety of fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Watching their plants grow and flourish has been a source of immense joy and pride. We are hoping to sell our garden produce at the Highland Park Farmers Market this summer, providing another avenue for our participants to engage with the community.

Team member and staff pouring water into the plants at the GADOL garden
  1. Community Engagement and Celebrations

This summer, Keshet is excited to announce that we will have a float at the 4th of July Highland Park Parade. We invite all Keshet participants, families, staff, and community members to join us in this exciting event. Being part of the parade is a wonderful opportunity to showcase our pride in being part of Highland Park and to celebrate our incredible community. More information will be coming soon, so stay tuned!

Highland Park community members walking together wearing shirts and holding a sign that says "We are Highland Park"

In such a short amount of time, Highland Park has become a home to our GADOL team members. We know change can often be a challenge for our participants, but we are incredibly proud of how well they’ve adjusted and thrived in this new environment. This move has not only provided new opportunities but has also strengthened our community bonds that will only continue to grow throughout this year.

We are deeply grateful to the HPCF for their support. Their generosity, along with the support of our private donors and residents, has made it possible for Keshet to continue our mission in this wonderful community.

Special thanks to Garrett Reynolds, Keshet’s Director of Adult Day Services, for his contributions to this blog. For any local community service, volunteer, or job opportunities for Keshet team members in Highland Park or its surrounding areas, please contact Garrett.

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