Justin’s Rock Garden

Justin Coe loved bright colors, being creative, and making people feel loved without words. We’re building a rock garden as another reminder of the love that Justin brought to everyone at Keshet. This rock garden will be a collection of specially decorated rocks made by Justin’s friends, Keshet students, families and others.

Everyone in the Keshet community is welcome to contribute a painted rock. We recommend using acrylic paint for decorating your rocks so that the colors will last in the garden through the seasons.

The rock garden will be located at the Keshet Business Office at 610 Academy Drive in Northbrook in the courtyard behind the office kitchen. Please drop off your rocks directly in the garden, which can be accessed by following the sidewalk to the left of the office entrance and around the back to the courtyard.

If you have any questions, please contact Lauren Feldman, Director of Residential Services, at lfeldman@keshet.org.

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