Keshet Staff Value Awards — Spring 2024

Keshet’s staff make a world of difference in people’s lives every day. They are guided by our core values: positivity, patience, integrity, teamwork, communication and respect. To demonstrate how our staff are bringing these values to life, we award six staff each year with a Keshet Staff Value Award.

Keshet staff value awards

We are thrilled to announce the 2024 recipients:

Jordan Spiwak, GADOL | Integrity
Hardworking, adaptable, uplifting are just a few words that describe his commitment to Keshet. From the day I met him, I could tell he was “ALL IN!” Each day, Jordan comes to work with a smile and a fresh outlook on the day. Not only does he support our team members while in the community, he inspires them to become better versions of themselves. He is constantly seeking ways to better himself and help out while at GADOL. When 3:30 hits, he becomes Coach Jordan and continues to provide inspiration to so many of our team members. He has been a wonderful mentor to our new staff while continuing to uphold the high standards of GADOL and Keshet. THANK YOU, JORDAN!

Hillary Mittelman, Business Office | Positivity
It is no secret that working in fundraising and events can bring many unexpected challenges. No matter what is thrown at her, Hillary constantly looks on the bright side and with a positive attitude. With every donor, co-worker, committee or consultant she interacts with, her warmth and kindness is truly contagious and shine through in everything she does. It is a pleasure to be able to collaborate and work with her each day.

Elise de Roulet, Business Office | Patience
Elise is the first person people see or speak to in the Business Office. Oftentimes, she is bombarded with questions, requests and long rambling stories. Her patience and commitment to both Julie and Lindsey, two adults who work weekly in the Business Office, is inspiring. She wants both of them to love coming to work and finds ways for them to contribute to our ever growing office. Elise always has a smile on her face, is kind and respectful and makes sure the person feels valued.

Jared Meyerson, MY Life | Respect
As Lead DSP, Jared cares for all residents with the dignity and respect they deserve. He always meets them where they at while also encouraging them to push themselves further. Whether it’s going to multiple grocery stores to look for a healthy snack, creating new workout schedules or jumping into to train new staff, Jared will do whatever it takes to ensure the best support possible. We are lucky to have him part of the MY Life team.

Bridget Tracy, Education | Teamwork
Bridget pitches in when we are short-handed in the classrooms. She is always smiling, fully engaged with our students. Every time I’ve worked with Bridget I feel she is present and happy to be with us. The weight of any work she might have waiting at her desk as an admin is never apparent when she jumps in to help us. Bridget goes above and beyond her job description. She is always ready to help, even when it’s not part of her job. She is kind to all, happy to assist and never without a smile.

Rachel Truger, Recreation | Communication
When Rachel started less than a year ago, I was blown away by how she immediately absorbed the Keshet mission in their everyday values. Mind you this was day ONE for Rachel in her new role. Rachel goes above and beyond to communicate in well all of the ways. She is being recognized for unparalleled excellence in communication with staff, families and partnering agencies. This award honors Rachel Truger for her exceptional ability to convey ideas with clarity, empathy and impact, inspiring meaningful connections and fostering understanding.

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