Let’s Hit the Road

While travel has come to a near standstill during the COVID-19 pandemic, technology is allowing us to visit almost any place on the planet in the blink of an eye.

At Keshet, our computers, tablets and phones have replaced planes, trains and automobiles. Each of our programs is traveling to distant destinations without ever having leave our homes. This has given us an opportunity to explore new places and expand our horizons in a safe and affordable way. These tours are media-rich and highly visual making them engaging for a variety of learning styles.

GADOL – Adult Day Programming
Since the start of the pandemic, GADOL’s Culture Club has studied countries all over the world. Team members research and present information about the country that interests them—languages, transportation, cuisine, sports, historical landmarks and more.

Our program partner, Mummies and Masterpieces has led virtual tours of museums to view art as inspiration for our own creations.

What’s the next best thing when you can’t visit Disney World? You take a virtual tour of Disney World. Keshet groups have loved taking a group tour and learning more about the rides and attractions of the Magic Kingdom. Check out one of Keshet’s tour guides.

High School & Transition
Transition students are on a journey to visit all 50 states—in alphabetical order! They use multimedia presentations to see points of interest and learn about State flowers, songs, animals and favorite foods. The most recent trip took everyone to Idaho. Parents are reporting that they are enjoying this trip as much as the students are.

For Camp@Home, evenings were spent with special programs. One of the favorites was International Night where each camper did a presentation about their favorite place in the world. The group virtually visited Mexico, Canada, Israel, France and more.

Day School
Prior to the pandemic, Keshet’s curriculum had students out and about in the community to put what they are learning in the classroom into action in real life. This is difficult to do with social distancing, but virtual field trips do fill a little of the void. Here are just some of the places in Chicago you can visit through a computer.

Although nothing can replace going on a trip, Keshet’s virtual travel experiences are here to stay. They have provided a window to the world for team members, residents, campers and students to see the sites of places that would otherwise difficult to visit.

If you are ready to take your own virtual field trip or tour, check out these options.

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