New Year’s Story and Message 2023

by Jennifer Phillips, CEO/President

In the wrap up of 2022, one thing is for sure—Keshet’s community is everything. Your generous support of our year-end campaign continues, and we are poised to have one of our most successful campaigns in recent years. I can’t thank you enough for your support of Keshet’s mission and work.

I recently heard a heartwarming story of Keshet’s impact on those we serve and those around us. One of our adults had been away from Keshet for months because of a medical issue. During that time, his friends in our adult day program continued their weekly job delivering Meals on Wheels. A woman on their route asked every week how their ill friend was doing; she was very concerned about him. At the same time, he was motivated to recover so he could return to making deliveries. When their reunion was finally able to happen, there were smiles, hugs and a few tears.

In the year ahead, I know that there will be hundreds of hundreds of stories like this that show how Keshet strengthens our community and how the community gives strength to those at Keshet. It’s these moments that drive us not just to grow but to thrive.

There’s a lot on the horizon at Keshet, including these developments for 2023:

Expanding residential services: Every week, we receive inquiries from people looking for supported housing. While it is heartbreaking to know that we cannot meet everyone’s needs, we are ready to grow. Plans are already in the works to add another home and welcome new residents this year.

Offering a new overnight camp option: This summer we are introducing Gesher, a program for older teens and young adults who are seeking summer fun and a break from being at home. Gesher provides a higher support ratio than Avodah, our summer vocational and work opportunity that also takes place at overnight camp. With this new program, we will better serve all teens who want to spend the summer with us.

Refreshing the day school: This spring and summer, the Ariella Joy Frankel Keshet Day School is getting a face lift with new paint, carpeting, artwork and more. We will also update each classroom to best meet the needs of our students.

These plans are just the beginning of everything there will be to share in 2023, and I want you to be a part of it. Mark your calendars for Sunday, March 12, for the return of Keshet’s annual benefit that will take place in person this year.

Wishing you a 2023 filled with happiness, good health and belonging.

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