Our Highland Park Community

Dear Keshet Friends, Families and Staff,

Keshet has three home communities—Skokie, Northbrook and Highland Park. For the past eight years, Highland Park has welcomed and embraced Keshet’s MY Life residences and residents. It is the hometown of countless Keshet supporters, volunteers, donors, staff and families. We are there every day for events big and small…shopping, visiting the Botanic Gardens, attending concerts, participating in art shows, meeting friends for coffee, walking around town. Highland Park is part of who we are.

Like so many of us, I am trying to process the tragedy that occurred while, at the same time, wanting to support everyone around me. At Keshet, we will take it day-by-day with the goal of maintaining as much program normalcy as possible. This included having GADOL, Teen & Tween Camp, summer school, and most of our partner day camps operating today. I visited many of our program sites this morning, and we are making arrangements for any additional mental health support that may be needed.

I am forever grateful for Keshet’s outstanding staff. So many have stepped up and offered to help at Keshet and throughout the community. Yet, the residential staff who were on-duty yesterday and those who came in on their day off are truly exceptional. Thank you, Aliza, Brad, Keith, Lauren, Michael, Michelle, Nikki, Theresa and, especially, Toiya. Your quick-thinking, calmness and willingness to put others’ needs ahead of your own yesterday represent the best of what Keshet stands for.

We are going to be feeling the heartbreak and devastation of what occurred in Highland Park for a very long time to come. I believe in my heart that we will begin to feel a sense of safety and comfort as our community comes together and our connections with one another strengthen and grow.

On behalf of everyone at Keshet, I extend condolences to all who lost loved ones and wish a full recovery to those who were injured and suffered in yesterday’s horrific attack. You are in our hearts and thoughts.

Please take care,
Jennifer Phillips
Keshet CEO/President

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