Sharon Frankel Retires After 38 Years of Service

Dear Keshet Friends,

In Keshet’s nearly 40 years of existence, there have been few individuals who have made more of an impact on the organization and its members than Sharon Frankel. So, it is with very mixed feelings that we have accepted Sharon’s retirement as of July 1st.

From Keshet’s earliest days in the early 1980’s to the present, Sharon has been a vital member of our community as a parent, board member, staff member, volunteer, archivist, and Director of Special Events. Sharon stepped into any role needed, working around the clock preparing for events, and offering a steady hand during the hard times, and cheerleading the organization’s triumphs.

We thank you, Sharon, but are also grateful to your family members for sharing you with us: Your husband Charles z”l, children, Lee, Phyllis, Fred, Ina, and Ariella z”l, and countless grandchildren and great grandchildren. Your legacy is rich within Keshet but is priceless beyond it. We are proud to have one of Keshet’s flagship programs, the Ariella Joy Frankel Keshet Day School, named in memory of your dear daughter.

We love you Sharon, and we know you’ll be near if called upon.

Please see Sharon’s letter to members of the Keshet family below. When restrictions have opened up, we’ll be back in touch about a celebration of Sharon’s accomplishments.

Jen Phillips, Acting CEO

Dear Friends, This has been quite an incredible journey! Certainly, one I could never have imagined when my daughter Ariella was born. What a different path my life and those of my family would have taken without our connection to Keshet. It has been my privilege to be part of this wonderful organization—seeing it grow and adding program after program to fulfill its mission to serve individuals with disabilities throughout their lifetimes. I have so many wonderful memories: The opening of the Sunday school in 1984, and the day school and camp programs in 1988. My daughter Ariella was one of the first participants in each. After she passed away in 1991, my family dedicated the Keshet Day School in her memory—the Ariella Joy Frankel Keshet Day School. I was honored to help plan all 30+ Keshet banquets and was overjoyed to see my grandchildren perform in the Keshet choir at those dinners. There have been so many wonderful people I have been honored to meet, and most especially the outstanding people I’ve been privileged to work alongside throughout these many years. But the time has now come for me to say goodbye, and I am excited for what comes next. I’ve been told that the best part of retirement is spending time with your grandchildren and great-grandchildren. I look forward to proving that true. Though I am retiring from Keshet, this amazing organization will always be a part of me and my family. I know I leave Keshet in wonderful, very talented, and capable hearts and hands.  Those hearts and hands will keep Keshet’s rainbow shining, growing, and moving ahead—always. 


Sharon Frankel

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