Staff Values Awards — Spring 2022

Keshet’s staff make a world of difference in people’s lives every day. They are guided by our core values: positivity, patience, integrity, teamwork, communication and respect. To demonstrate how our staff are bringing these values to life, we initiated the Keshet Staff Values Awards.

We are thrilled to announce the Spring 2022 recipients: 

Heidi Friedman, Business Office | Integrity

I was introducing Heidi to a new employee as I walked them through the Business Office for onboarding. I try to share an interesting detail on each new employee so they can be remembered. She always has an interesting question to ask specific to them. Each time she asks a question, I am in awe. It is nothing I would think of. Heidi is genuinely interested in getting to know each new employee, and she makes them feel welcome. She is the definition of the Keshet values. Heidi impresses me daily with the ability to adjust to any situation and all changes that occur. She is very adaptable and does not show stress. She displays a positive attitude towards her co-workers and new employees (during the onboarding process). She communicates the changes clearly and with a positive attitude. She always makes everyone feel welcome! 

Sue Sieber, GADOL and MY Life | Patience 

Sue has been with Keshet for many years and has been working in GADOL over the last few years. She also is an integral part of the MY Life team. She does not let setbacks or a bad day get in the way of her advocating for team members in a positive manner. She is a kind and good-natured soul and shares that demeanor with all who come in contact with her. She will volunteer to help out, no matter what the circumstances, and the first person to respond to co-workers when in need. Sue is savvy and has years of experience in the field. She is more than willing to share info with any and all co-workers. It’s a pleasure to have Sue on the Adult Services team.  

Lucas Lore-Mayo, Day School | Respect 

Lucas is an amazing coworker (classroom aide) who is truly dedicated to helping our students learn and grow in their independence. He has without a doubt one of the most positive attitudes of anyone I have worked with! He is always willing to assist students and staff in any way possible. He is gifted in his ability to recognize the gains, successes, and happiness of each student. Lucas is our students’ greatest cheerleader! He comes up with creative ideas for materials like tasks and structured leisure and suggests adaptions to our students’ routines that are beneficial to our students increased independence and happiness. He shared that he has his dream job, and it shows. Lucas starts every day with a smile and is someone to turn to for a pick me up.  

Sammi Lococo, Recreation | Positivity

From the first day at the preschool to last week at after school Rec, Sammi brings her positive attitude to help form meaningful connections! She approaches situations with positive energy and attitude. She has jumped into so many new situations and roles this year, quickly forms true connections with everyone she encounters, and handles difficult situations, all with a positive attitude!  

Cristo Enriquez, MY Life | Teamwork

Cristo will always cover a shift that is called off of last min or comes in on irregular days so that other staff doesn’t have to worry or change plans to fill that shift. He works hard and makes sure everything that needs to be done is met by the end of the day! He ensures everyone on the team is getting what needs to be done and does so with a positive outlook and refreshing spirit that is loved by residents and staff.  

Jessica Blitt, High School | Communication

There is no one story—and that is what is so special about Jessica. She honors teamwork moment by moment. While she is very talented, she recognizes that we are wiser as a team than we are as individuals. Jessica consults with team members on a daily basis, and also ask team members to spontaneously work with students when there is a situation that might benefit from real-time intervention. She also honors parents as part of the team. When dealing with a student having a difficult day, she is always very patient with them. She speaks calmly, softly and allows the student to let off steam, and then when the student is ready to talk, she has a conversation about the best way to handle that situation. Jessica has a very positive, calm and patient personality, which really helps her students (and staff) be able to deal with challenges more easily. 

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