Staff Values Awards — Spring 2023

Keshet’s staff make a world of difference in people’s lives every day. They are guided by our core values: positivity, patience, integrity, teamwork, communication and respect. To demonstrate how our staff are bringing these values to life, we initiated the Keshet Staff Values Awards.

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We are thrilled to announce the Spring 2023 recipients: 

Ricky Ross, Education | Integrity

Ricky is all about what is doing right for our students and our staff. On countless occasions, Ricky has demonstrated his wealth of knowledge in working with our students by assisting teachers and para- educators in creating a safer, knowledge rich environment for all. His guidance in working with students and modeling correct safety care practices for both teachers and para-educators has proven invaluable many, many times. He sees his mission through to the end making sure that both students and staff understand what needs to be done in any given situation.

Randy McKenzie, GADOL and MY Life | Positivity

Randy has all of the 2121 residents into different types of regular physical activity, and all of the participants have been incorporating different aspects of health into their daily routines. Randy’s positive perspective and attitude has been able to motivate the residents to continue to engage in these habits.

Robyn Reiser, Education | Patience

In the short time I’ve been working for Keshet, the transition program has gone through plenty of changes, and Robyn has been there, working through the changes as smoothly and seamlessly as possible for the program participants and for her coworkers, showing patience and grace as she adjusted to the changes herself.

When I first began working at the annex, I was a new para and asked dozens of questions every day. Robyn answered everything patiently, letting me know that no question was too small or too big. She often assured me that although I was new and had much to learn, I was learning quickly and was still helpful to the group. I could not have asked for a better person to guide me as I began my work for Keshet!

Polly Cheeseman, Recreation | Communication

Polly is always willing to share information and responds quickly with friendly and clear responses in- person, on the phone, through text, or email. Our families really value her problem solving and incisive communication. Polly has a great sense of humor and keeps things positive. You can often find her smiling and sharing a laugh with one of our participants or co-workers. She is beyond inspiring with her clear communication about choir, camp, and everything in between.

Robin Paull, Business Office | Teamwork

Robin Paull is the ultimate team player. No matter the event, activity or task, Robin is willing to help. Over the past year and through many staffing changes in the business office, Robin has jumped in to do important tasks for development, special events and office management. She is a wealth of information on credit cards, pizza, office supplies, real crime shows and all things Keshet. The entire organization operates better with Robin on our team.

Jonathan Mishkin, MY Life | Respect

Jonathan, you are an excellent point of contact for the team, I know I speak for the entire team. Thank you for your efforts in keeping everyone on the same page, assisting other team members in prioritizing their tasks, explaining any complexities before moving forward with any project, and, most importantly, helping others whenever possible. This is what makes you a valuable asset not only to the team but also to our residents.

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