The Floreks Are All In For Keshet

by Laura Florek

In our family, if we aren’t at Keshet, we’re talking about Keshet. My kids, Rachel and Adam, have been part of Keshet for 13 years. If Keshet offers a program, they want to be part of it–camp, basketball, SOAR, Body Groove, choir, Special Olympics and more. Staff have told me that it doesn’t feel like a real Keshet program unless Rachel and Adam are there. You can say that we are an All In Keshet Family. 

I am so grateful for everything Keshet has done for my kids, who both have autism, but who have very different personalities and interests. Rachel and Adam are afforded endless opportunities to be themselves in a safe environment. I never hesitate to sign them up for a program or worry about their well-being when they are with Keshet. Whether it’s the friendships they’ve built at Camp Chi, singing onstage with the Keshet Inclusive Choir or the support and investment of Keshet’s incredible staff, the impact Keshet has had on their lives knows no bounds. While Rachel and Adam face challenges in their communication and everyday life, Keshet continues to remind them (and us) what’s possible. 

You don’t usually think of an organization having so much meaning in your life, but Keshet is part of our family as much as we are part of theirs. We are so lucky to have found Keshet and it has been along the journey with us through every age and stage of life so far. My kids love seeing their friends at programs, and I’m part of a network of fabulous, dedicated parents who support each other in so many ways. 

Now it’s my chance to give back to Keshet as a member of the Rainbow Banquet Event Committee. When you purchase tickets or make a gift to the Keshet Rainbow Banquet, you will continue to support Rachel, Adam and all of their friends are embraced by Keshet’s community of belonging. You are making sure that Keshet can be around for a lifetime and provide opportunities for even more families.

You are also recognizing the work of Jen Phillips, Keshet’s CEO. Jen’s involved in such a hands-on way with all families. Whether it was calling me years ago to tell me that Rachel ate a worm at camp or staying with Adam all night when he had his first seizure while he was at overnight camp, she is by our side through all of life’s big and little moments.

At Keshet, above and beyond is not exceptional; it’s simply what’s done every day.

The Floreks are all in for Keshet…are you?

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