The Love Story

Original Prose by the GADOL Writing Group

What is love? Love is a feeling that is happy. Love is awesome, it is also a thought and a feeling in your heart. Love can be amazing and peaceful. Love is a song, love is a Keshet rainbow. Valentine’s Day is about love.

How do you feel when you love? Proud, good, happy, excited, awesome and cozy. When we’re loved we feel wonderful, great, happy, loved. We can feel it in our hearts and minds. When we are happy, we want to go play games and be around loved ones.

What color is love? Love is red, pink, the colors of the rainbow. Love can be felt all the time. We hug to show love, we sing to show love, we also kiss. You give people things that they love. We say nice things and we share. We all enjoy being loved.

Who do you love? We love our parents, siblings, Keshet team, brothers, sisters, nephews and nieces, ourselves and pets. We love our parents because they show us kindness; they’re awesome and love us for us. We can love places, Keshet, hockey games, ball games, Ken’s Diner, Great Chicago, Emma’s and Six Flags Great America.

What the world needs now is love, sweet love. It’s the only thing that there’s just too little of.

GADOL Creative Writing Group
“We work together to write stories. We cooperate with each other and sometimes get silly. It’s a lot of fun. We help each other and support each other.”
-Efriam, Tamima, Estella, Jonah, Doug, Simcha, Chuck, Huvi, Dovi, Sam, Atticus, Adam, Ellie and Michelle Friedman.

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