From Camper to Intern

by Lindsey Rabinowitz

This summer is the first summer I’m not at camp. I’ve been at camp for as long as I can remember, and it has shaped me into the person I am today. I have made amazing memories, met some of my best friends, and eventually became a leader at camp. Since my experience at camp has been nothing but positive, I’m always advocating for others to go to camp. This, along with many other reasons, is why I wanted to work at Keshet, especially during the summer. Keshet participants are given the opportunity to have the same amazing experience I had at camp. Keshet is fortunate to partner with so many camps around the Chicagoland area including JCC Apachi Day Camps, Ramah Day Camp, JCC Camp Chi (the overnight camp I went to) and our very own Teen and Tween Camp.

I have been connected to Keshet almost my entire life through camp. I attended ‘Z’ Frank Apachi as a young kid and Camp Chi for 11 years, as a camper and a staff member. Keshet and these camps have been partners for many years, so by the time I went to camp, they had already established a great relationship. Keshet campers are involved in all camper activities and live in cabins just like any other camper. Campers with and without disabilities become friends with no barriers. Being exposed to this seamless community at such a young age showed me why inclusion is so important.

This summer, I worked at Keshet as the summer Marketing and Communication Intern. Not only did this internship give me experience in a field I’m interested in, but it also allowed me to learn about others and how they live life. Everyone who works at Keshet is extremely passionate about what they do which makes this organization such a special place to work at.

Being an intern showed me Keshet is so much more than just their camp programs, and I am grateful I was able to experience and learn about the many opportunities Keshet has. Keshet has school programs, after school programs, Sunday school, residential programs, adult programs, and lots of other amazing opportunities. Everyone at Keshet works hard to be able to provide all the programs we offer.

Throughout the summer, I was trusted to help manage Keshet’s social media pages, as well as edit the website, go on-site to multiple camps and take pictures, work on press releases, attend meetings, participate in adult social programs and much more. My biggest takeaway from this internship was the people I have met. I met so many successful, amazing people who have shown me what hard work and dedication can become. I was involved in special projects (like visiting the set of WGN-TV while Jen Phillips was interviewed) because of the people I have met, and I am so honored to be given these opportunities. I am truly grateful for the opportunity to grow in my studies as well as a person. Working at Keshet this summer has shown me all the incredible things this organization does, and I’m so happy I got to be a part of it.

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