Momentum Israel Trip with Keshet

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Moms give and give and give. That’s why Keshet has teamed up with Momentum – to give back to moms!

Join Keshet for a profound, personal eight-day journey to Israel. We’ll form an extraordinary new sisterhood as we:
• Find meaning in our shared heritage
• Soak up wisdom from world-class speakers
• Fall in love with our homeland

December 3-10, 2024

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About Momentum Yearlong Journey

The MOMentum Yearlong Journey empowers women to connect to Jewish values, engage with Israel, take action, and foster unity, without uniformity. It includes a profound, personal 8-day experience in Israel, during which women explore the Jewish homeland, take in inspiring Jewish wisdom, and join a global Jewish sisterhood. Back home, women channel their energy and passion personally, professionally, and communally, and continue their journey through educational and leadership programs.

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What Makes the Keshet Trip Unique?

Keshet is bringing together Jewish mothers who have children with disabilities under 22 years-old to create a special community of support. In addition to being part of the larger Momentum trip experience, our trip in Israel and follow-up educational programs will incorporate on ideas and learning connected to disability and advocacy.

Jen Phillips, Keshet CEO, and Robin Anderson, Keshet Director of Operations & resident Israel expert, will be with the group throughout the trip and journey.

Apply Today

The first step to get your journey started is to apply online. The application process can take a few weeks to complete.

You’ll find the Keshet trip after you enter Illinois as your state.

After you submit your application, Keshet will schedule an interview to learn more about you about and your interests in order to build a cohesive group. We will not have space to accommodate everyone who applies, and may have to make admission decisions based on the age of children.

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  1. Jewish mom of a child with disabilities under the age of 22 years-old
  2. From the Chicago area
  3. Interested in increasing your Jewish connection, but not currently highly engaged in Jewish ritual observance.
  4. Able to keep up with the physical and emotional activities of the trip

The Momentum experience is more than the trip. Participants commit to being part of a year-long series of educational and social sessions with Keshet.

Participants pay $360 plus airfare.
A $500 refundable fee is due at the time of booking the trip. This will be given back to the participant when they complete their trip.

Participants must purchase travel insurance to cover trip cancellation, trip delay, lost/delayed baggage, flight delays and more.

This is a heavily subsidized trip. Each participant receives a $3,700 scholarship, 80% provided by Momentum and 20% provided by Keshet.

Keshet’s trip is open to Jewish moms of kids with disabilities from the Chicago area. You do not need prior experience with Keshet to attend, but Keshet moms will get first priority.

Priority is given to moms who have never been to Israel or visited before they were 18 years-old. However, many moms who have already been to Israel have attended Momentum trips.

The Momentum experience begins with three or more Pre-Trip meetings connecting the participants to each other and to Israel before the Trip. The year-long Momentum experience is designed to activate enthusiastic engagement with the beauty of Jewish life, to build a lasting connection with Israel, and a commitment to take action in one’s community towards making a better world.

Participants attending the Momentum trips commit to attending a follow-up session once per month with the organization that accepts them. Our Partner Organizations have talented educators who lead the monthly sessions throughout the year while Momentum supports the sharing of ideas and provides continuing education to make the year-long experience memorable for our participants.

This experience has a lot packed into it—the days are long and full of activity: We walk 35–40 miles on the trip, Explore Jerusalem and Tel Aviv on foot, and climb a lot of steps in Tsfat. All this and just being out in the heat require a fair amount of effort. It’s also important to remember that the trip is exciting and can bring up a lot of emotions, and this will affect your energy level.

If you don’t currently exercise, consider beginning a program to increase your stamina. If you have any health problems, consult your physician about the itinerary, and make sure to discuss any concerns with your Community Leader.

If you need any accommodations to attend the trip, please discuss them with Jen Phillips.

Of course! There are many opportunities to shop nearly every day. Every dollar you spend infuses capital into the Israeli economy.

The Momentum website is packed with information. We suggest reading the info, seeing sample itineraries and watching videos at

Please keep in mind that there will be some differences in Keshet’s trip because of the special nature of our group.

We are exploring possibilities for different recreation and respite programs being available for kids while we are away in Israel.

Both Momentum and Keshet always put safety first. Hundreds of groups from different organizations throughout North America have been traveling to Israel on mission and solidarity trips since November.

Security and safety will be monitored prior to the trip and at all times. Participants must purchase travel insurance in case the trip is cancelled or interrupted.


For any questions about trip details or the application process, please contact Robin Anderson at 847.656.3394.

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A once-in-a-lifetime adventure awaits you

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