Why Keshet Wednesday #2 — Stepping Outside the Comfort Zone

From rock climbing to learning guitar to swimming in the deep end of the pool, there are so many amazing camp activities and experiences you can’t find anywhere else. Camp provides a safe environment for campers to try new things and discover new interests. However, trying new things can feel scary or intimidating for many campers, including those who attend camp through Keshet. With the support of Keshet staff, campers are encouraged to step outside their comfort zone, and in turn, often discover a new favorite activity they would have never tried otherwise! When our campers succeed, we, as staff, feel equally as proud of them.

In the first few weeks, Keshet site directors and leadership have already witnessed so many success stories. For example, one camper who never went into the pool last summer now LOVES swimming. He and his counselor started by sitting on the side and dipping their toes in. Eventually, he worked up the courage to get in the water and now swims every single day…he even looks forward to it most out of anything else at camp! This is just one of the many ways that Keshet staff instill confidence in their campers and encourage them to try something different. We can’t wait to see our campers continue to accomplish great things and grow each day this summer.

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